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Vanadium is an important mineral, which lately was proven to be vital to the human body. In the human body there are 20 to 25 mg of Vanadium that are spread throughout the whole body, part of which is concentrated in fat.

Vanadium could be useful for curing the following:

- Reduction of Cholesterol level


- Heart diseases

- Reduction in blood sugar concentration

- Disorders of the thyroid gland

- Prevention of tumor development.

Food sources of Vanadium: whole wheat, soy, parsley, eggs, carrot, garlic, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, corn, beans.

Vanadium and diabetes - according to an article in the journal of the American Nutrition Association, Vanadium has an essential role in human's nutrition. Researchers have proved that some composition of vanadium can ease the symptoms of Diabetes, as this nutrient helps the Insulin activity.

Enzyme activity - Vanadium is vital for some enzymes. The enzyme in some bacteria that turns atmospheric nitrogen (N2) into Nitrogen compound contains Vanadium.

Infection curing - Researchers discovered that Vanadium may expedite the recovery from food poisoning and other infection. Vanadium phosphate that was given to rats, before they were exposed to pathogens, had a great effect on their struggle with the disease.

Heart diseases - researches have shown that in places where the ground is full of vanadium and selenium, as it is in many place in South America, there are fewer heart diseases. The Catecholamine and lipid Metabolism. Vanadium reduces the Cholesterol production (which points out the potential to lowering the level of cholesterol).

Metabolism and cell production - a study has shown that Vanadium plays a role in the process of Calcium Metabolism, the process of growth and reproduction, the regulation of the blood sucrose level and in the production of red blood cells.

Building teeth and bones - The stimulating effect that Vanadium has on enzyme production may also impact the building of the teeth and bones using a coenzyme and impact the substitution process of fat.