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Balance your body with 100% natural Dead Sea Mineral Gum.

From the Dead Sea, one of the world's healthiest resource, where one can find 30 unique minerals, 12 of which exists only in the Dead Sea, comes a new, healthy, and nutrient product – Mineral Gum.

Mineral Gum – it's much more than a gum that leverages the PH in the mouth or refreshes your breath. Mineral Gum is the world's first gum with rich sources of natural minerals, like calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc, all 100% Dead Sea minerals essential to our body.

With every chew of Mineral Gum, you release minerals your body needs.
Balance your body.
Have a Gum. Get it mineral.

Do you want to learn more on the contribution of Mineral Gum to your body? Click here.

Want to learn more about the contribution of Mineral Gum to your body?