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There are about 7 mg of arsenic in the body of an average person. Despite the reputation of this mineral, Arsenic is a toxic mineral essential to good health. Arsenic is necessary for growth , development and proper reproduction. It is also necessary for the functioning of the nervous system. Arsenic had been always considered dangerous to health, and indeed in inorganic (inorganic product like metal) is certainly toxic, but recent studies have shown that arsenic is an essential mineral and qualify for the RDI list! Many minerals such as molybdenum and even selenium and chromium were just a few years ago were considered non-essential minerals and even dangerous.

Before the discovery of penicillin arsenic was used as a remedy for syphilis.

Small amounts of arsenic are used to enliven the digestive system and cause an increase in the flow of digestive juices.

Arsenic takes a part in a number of biochemical processes in the human body, especially the 3 + oxidation state. Most important among them is the suppression of the activity of the enzyme Firubatauksidaz. This enzyme catalyzes the oxidation of Firebat cells, a necessary step in the process of creating energy in living cells. Without this process the cells stop functioning and die quickly.