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According to astrobiology, Silicon is one most basic ingredient to the formation of life. Silicon is necessary for the human body in the areas that are active in absorbing calcium. Silicon works together with Calcium to restore bones.

Silicon sources in food - There is plenty of Silicon in food. Silicon serves a basic component in plant fibrous and can be found in large amount in wheat, barley, oat and rice. Silicon can also be found in beet, nettle, wine, lettuce, cucumbers, avocado, strawberries, onions and alfalfa. Silicon is the second, after oxygen, most common element on the face of earth, but it was not considered to be an essential nutrition until 1972. Any publication about the toxicity of breast implant should not be confused with Silicon as a nutrient.

The Silicon as a nutrient is vital to proper bone growth and proper skin straightness. Silicon is used to encourage the growth of hair, skin and healthier fingernails. A research among 50 women with aging symptoms of the skin, hair and nails yielded very significant results. after 90 days of consumption of 10 milliliters of Silicon Colloidal acid, and application of Silicon Colloidal acid twice a day on one’s face, there were great improvements in the width of the skin, strengths of the skin, wrinkles on the skin, and the health of hair and nails. Researches that were done on animals have shown that Silicon deficiency causes a delay in growth and defects in the developments of the bones. For humans, it was found that Silicon deficiency may cause Atherosclerosis and heart diseases.