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Molybdenum is a micro mineral that is essential to the human body. In its shape as a mineral, Molybdenum is necessary and behaves as a developing component in at least three enzymes. These enzymes play a role in the carbohydrate metabolism, oxidation of fats, and the urinary metabolism.

On average, there are 2.9 milligrams of Molybdenum in the adult body, that are exist mostly in the liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, bones and skin. It was discovered that insufficient amount of Molybdenum relates to Esophageal cancer, Gastric cancer and tooth decay. Adults require at least 45 milligrams per day on average.

Another study showed that Molybdenum combined with fluoride is more effective in preventing caries that fluoride by itself.

Food sources of Molybdenum: Most foods lack this mineral. It can be found in wheat, grains, legumes and milk.