About us

We believe in our nature resources.

We embrace their ability to nutrient us, their power to balance & energize our body and their natural remedy.

Such natural resources should be available to all, whether it heals, revives, nourishes, or energizes. It's all natural. It's all motherland.

We believe in expertise in one field. Ours is the remedy of the Dead Sea.

The team of the Mineral Gum Company has gained more than 20 years experience on research and production of natural Dead Sea minerals and their contribution to our body.

Our company combines of three professional segments:

Research and development – Mineral Gum is the first product in a line of tasty, nutritious, & healthy Dead Sea products that will arrive on-shelf by 2014\5.

Production – our R & D, office, and factory are based in Israel.

All our products received the strict approval of the ministry of health.

All our products are kosher.

Marketing - we are able to supply Mineral Gum all over the world. Mineral Gum is launching in Europe and the USA in the first half of 2014, and it will be expanding to the rest of the world rapidly from there.

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