The minerals and their contribution

The Dead Sea Mineral Gum Company uses accumulated knowledge from 20 years of existing research on the Dead Sea minerals to create a chewing gum that contains these minerals.

Our chewing gum is much more than a chewing gum which increases the level of the PH or just refreshes your breath. Our gum does all of that, is delicious, and contains 30 natural minerals and trace elements from the Dead Sea.

Minerals and trace elements are used in critical components carrying out biological processes in our bodies and affect almost all activities. They are in every cell, every tissue, every sinew, every nerve, and every muscle in the body. They help the metabolism of energy, and they regulate processes in our bodies.

The Dead Sea is the largest natural reservoir on Earth to a variety of 30 different minerals and trace elements (such as magnesium, calcium , potassium , bromine, sodium, iron, zinc, titanium, barium, copper, strontium, chromium, vanadium, etc.) in the quantities required for our bodies, necessary for our health and immune system, in fact giving the spark of life.

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