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In the human body, there are about 15 milligrams of Nickel that are spread all throughout it. The highest concentration of Nickel can be found in the nucleic acids in living systems, such as bacteria, yeast and plants. Nickel exists in some enzymes' proteins, such as Urease, and affects their functionality. Nickel is fundamental as a nutrition in tiny amounts. Researches that were done of chicken and mice (genetically closest to humans) have shown that Nickel is essential for proper functionality of the liver.

Nickel plays important roles in the biology of the micro-enzymes in the human body. Nickel aids in providing optimal growth, healthy skin, builds and strengthens bones, and improves the absorption of Zinc. The roles of Nickel are bound to structure and activity of proteins.

Another theory is that the role of Nickel in our bodies is the activation of enzymes that are related to the breakdown and use of Glucose, and that it helps in the production of Prolactin and so in the creation of the mother’s milk.