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Sodium is an important mineral and is located mostly in the liquid outside of the cells. Sodium can be found in all foods that contain salt, and especially in processed and canned food. Additionally, Sodium regulates the volume of the liquids in the human body and is essential for proper and healthy activity of the muscles and the nervous system.

Sodium in its metallic form is vital for the formation of Ester. This alkalay metal is also one component of table salt (NaCl).

Sodium ions have many physical roles, which are all animals share. One of the most important roles that Sodium fills is controlling the entry and exit of the Sodium ions through the Sodium Potassium pumps in the cell membrane, taking in to and out of the cells different materials, and creating the voltage that which is the base for the activity of neurons and muscle cells. An excessive amount of Sodium leads to high blood pressure.

Controlling the concentration of Sodium ions in the cells leads to a hydrostatic change which leads to water movement in the osmoses in or out of the cells is the mechanism of regulating the blood volume in the blood vessels, the blood pressure, and the PH value of the blood.