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In the human body there are about 2 milligrams of Antimony - although there is not plenty of this element on earth, it can be found in more than 100 mini minerals, and is a part of the composition of our bodies. Antimony is useful against bloodworms, kills the Parasites and can be used as a skin softener. Antimony is known to human beings since the biblical period (3000 BC), human used it as medicine and cosmetic material. In the past, Antimony was used as (Sb2S3) in the mineral Stibnite and as a cure for schistosomiasis (a parasitic disease that is caused by a tapeworm tat lives its life partially in the human body, partially in sweet water and partially in snails. It is an ancient disease, and there is evidence for this disease from back in ancient Egypt)

Antimony bonds with Sulfur atoms in some enzymes which the parasites use and that way it kills them. Small quantities of Antimony can kill the parasites without damaging the patient.