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Strontium is an essential component of the growth process as it is essential to building up bone. There are 0.32 grams of Strontium in the human body.

Food Source of Strontium: Strontium is a micro mineral that exists in water and in the ground. Many types of foods have relatively large amounts of this mineral, such as fruits and vegetables, and sea food. This mineral can also be found in smaller amounts in Whole grains, milk, meat, root vegetables, lettuce, onion, cabbage, spinach and spices. In even lower amounts Strontium can be found in legumes such as beans and peas.

Strontium and bone building - the human body treats Strontium as it treats Calcium due to their similar chemical properties. The chemical activity of Strontium in the human body is resembles Calcium’s chemical activity, which has an important role in bone building (this mineral has a positive effect on people who suffer from Osteoporosis.

At the final months of pregnancy, the Strontium migrates to the baby through the Placenta. After the baby is born, it receives some Strontium through its mother’s milk.

In a research where a group of people were given an experimental drug (a combination between ranelic acid and strontium), a relation between Strontium and bone density was found. For the group of women that used the drug, the bone density increased in 6.8%, in comparison to the women who took the placebo drug, whose bone density only increased in 1.3%. This combination increases the bone density since the ranelic acid dissolves the bone and allows the Strontium to rebuild it.

Skin diseases - A few Strontium compound can serve as medical treatment against tetanus and dermatitis. Some Strontium compounds that include bromide, iodide, silicate and lactate are medically against skin diseases. These compounds also alo serve in different treatments against tetanus, and in tranquilizers.

Caries - Strontium had been proven to be effective in preventing Caries (Strontium is frequently added to toothpaste).