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Symbol Sulfur is one of the most common minerals in the human body. Sulfur is a sturctural part of most of the proteins and that way takes a part in enzyme activity, antigen, and many different tissues. Sulfur is a mineral that is essential for all the living creatures: amino acids, Cysteine, Methionine all contain Sulfur, and therefore all the polypeptides, the proteins and the enzymes that contain these amino acids also contain Sulfur.

Sources of Sulfur in food - Sulfur can be found in eggs, brazil nuts, legume, garlic, onion, cabbage, mustard, asparagus, wheat germ, horseradish, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, truffles, watercress, leek, radish and more. Sulfur deficiency leads to degeneration of collagen, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Sulfur helps against arthritis.

Recent studies have shown that this mineral has extreme importance. Many people probably do not consume enough Sulfur. About half of the amount of sulfur in our body can be found in the muscles, skin and bones, while the rest is serves other body parts. Sulfur has an important part in different system in the body, it helps in shaping the proteins and their bonds. Hair and nails are made mostly from a protein called Keratin, a protein that contains plenty sulfur. Ligaments and tendons are made of a protein that contains Sulfur, which gives them their flexibility. As one gets older, the tendons and ligaments lose their flexibility and so there are more skin problems, harder muscles and joint pain. Sulfur deficiency contributes to these problems that are associated with aging.

Sulfur assists to a proper activity of insulin and to the elimination of poison in the body.

In addition to proteins, Sulfur is necessary to the structure and activity of enzymes. If there is no Sulfur, enzymes could not work correctly and that may cause different health issues. That is because if there are improper enzymes the metabolism processes cannot work properly.

Proper Sulfur levels maintain metabolic balance and improve the performance of coagulation mechanisms. Sulfur is a part of the B vitamins. Sulfur is considered an important material in the formation of skin. Sulfur is also a building material of cartilage and connective tissue, and therefore it is essential to heal wounds and injuries.

Since ancient days bathing in natural springs with high sulfur concentration were considered healing springs. All over the world, many Spa places were built around springs that contain Sulfuric water.

Some relate the medical advantages of the garlic to the high level of Sulfur that it contains. The use of garlic to heal existed in culture since ancient days. Even though Western culture foods contain plenty of protein, they do not always contain sufficient Sulfur since the use of Sulfur as plant nutrition had decreased.