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On average, there are 7 milligrams of Lithium in one’s body. Lithium helps stimulate the endocrine glands, brain function, and enhances the absorption of cobalt and vitamin B-12. Consequences of lithium deficiency is expressed in reduced fertility, damaged growth rate, reduced longevity, depression, uncontrollable emotions, and suicidal tendencies.


Lithium sources in food - foods sources of lithium include all kinds of dairy products, sugarcane, seaweed, potatoes, lemons and eggs.


Lithium and psychiatric disorders - Lithium is the drug of choice to treat bipolar disorder (manic depression). About 80% of patients respond to lithium. It was found that lithium can balance moods, which was discovered by the lithium containing medicine that when given to patients with bipolar disorder. Patients responded so well to lithium so that it seems to solve the problem for them completely. The shocking part is the small number of adverse effects that the patients suffered from. Unlike other medications, usually there are many side effects and the lithium medicine has almost no side effects. It seems that lithium is an ideal remedy for those suffering from bipolar disorder.

In addition to bipolar disorder, Lithium can be used as treatment to other psychiatric disorders, such as Schizoaffective disorder, some forms of schizophrenia, treatment of patients with depression, treatment of cases of aggression or in different situations such as borderline personality disorder, bulimia and other conditions.